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It's not the fanciest site on the internet, but it IS 100% pure cBas.  Just about everything here was created, written, edited, produced and presented by me, Sebastian Kunz.  (That is, with the exception of my appearances on other folks' shows like the Nancy Grace Show on CNN's HLN channel.)

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Photos, videos, audio and archival work I've created also reside here, and you can find links to me on Facebook, iLikeYoutube, Twitter, Green960.com, Talk910.com, and just about everywhere else I am.

I also like telling stories no one else is telling.  Please do not call or send links to crap like ObamaLiesDotNet or Bush911MonkeyPoxDotOrg or BidenBlowsGoatsDotCom, but if you know an unsung hero or you've got a new science or technology story that isn't making the mainstream media, I eat that stuff up.  And Star Trek.  Anything Star Trek.

The most recent update here was on Thursday, August 29, 2013, although the Twitter feed is updating constantly. 

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cBas Reports: SF Giants World Series ParadecBas Presents: Give the gift of cBas to your iPhone news junkie!

cBas Reports: final Atlantis launch

cBas reports live from NASA's Ames Research Center in Mountain View, California, on the final launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis before the shuttle program retires. 
(Audio is silent until about 7 or 8 min into this 1-hour-20-minute recorded live shot.)


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